Let's get technical...

Or, what camera, lenses, audio gear, etc.. is needed to capture all this.


Well, let me just start with that there has never been a better time to be a filmmaker! Manufacturers are treating us better and better cameras from the classical shoulder mounted configuration to HDSLR, be it Classical DSLR camera shooting HD video or mirrorless cameras mainly from Sony and Panasonic. Its all nice but which one is better!??... Well, they are all great, but the main thing is still the person behind the lens and his or her creativity. 


Me, myself using Panasonic GH3 as this camera is truly made to shoot high quality video with great form factor which allows it to be used just about any sort of situation, shooting small events to a high budget feature film. 


You can have a great camera body, but really I find the lenses are almost more important elements to tell your story. I have a few native zoom lenses for situations where I expect the unexpected, but I tend to use old Canon FD manual lenses in particular prime lenses with fix focal length. They have more character and simply better suited to shoot video. I have the Panasonic 12-35 f2.5, 20 f1.8, 25 f1.4 and my Canon fd collection of: 28 f2.8, 50 f1.4, 70-200 f4 and 100-300 f5.6


As they say half of video is audio. I try to concentrate more and more to get as good audio as I can. To do that I am using 2 Sony AC audio recorder (they can be used to record ambient sound as well as line-in from all sort of source, but what I most used them for is getting great audio from my talents by plugging in a lavelier mic and secure them on the couple, One for the bride, one for the groom. I also have a Sony field recorder. It is my main work horse. It helps me the get truly high quality sound of all sort, mainly from the ceremony and the party as well as getting ambient noise of the place in general. I am not particularly a "brand" addicted person. I am happy to try and use all manufacturers devices, but I chose Sony for audio since they are truly the best! 


Than of course I have a buch of cables, connectors, converters and so.. 


When you have a camera to shoot you also need all different stabilizers and motion tools. I use Manfrotto tripods and monopods to stabilize. They are great! They serve me so well in the last few years that we really have a special connection. Especially my monopod as I use it probably 70% for my productions. Further more, motion tools are also a big thing in our life as they help us to increase the production value enormously and tell the story. Human mind just love to see motion in the film. Just look at any movie and see that the camera is always moving! I am using Wood-Comp camera slider. It is a fantastic slider! It is full carbon which is great advantage at saving my back. It is also extremely smooth and it gives all the moves I need, horizontal slides, vertical slides, tracking shot of an object or my talent and so on. 


Sometimes I need to get into small places and mount my cameras in unusual angles. For this tasks I am using "Magic-arms" and all different clamps. 


Light is the single most important element of foto and video. Light is everything. Light is shaping form, it is the tool to tell a story on the way you want it. Most times I am using available light, but for some cases I am prepared with a few LED video lights as well as 5 in 1 reflectors. Of course there is a few light stands and backdrop too. You never know when they will come handy. 


I know it may seem to be so much but when I shoot an event I plane when and what to use. During work I try to have as small footprint as possible and that is exactly why wedding videography very challenging. We need to memories all aspects of the day yet staying invisible and low profile. 

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