May 4, 2016

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It´s the beginning of 2016 and sure it will be wonderful!

May 1, 2016

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It´s Me.

May 4, 2016

Why I don't open the blog by introducing myself..


Well, I am a Hungarian, true-born Cosmopolitan, have been living in many countries, such as France, Saudi-Aradia, Jordan, Ireland, Austria, Kurdistan and the UK. I started flying in my age of 14 by sail planes and later on I moved onto hang-gliders, all sort of ultralight airplanes and autogyro. I have been flying professionally for over 15 years now. 


I am married and of course I did met my wife on an airport. She is also a flight instructor and to be very hones with you, in my eyes, she is more of a pilot then I am! She used to be an airline pilot, but due to that work´s not too family friendly nature, she quit and started to teach, currently working at Oxford Aviation Academy as flight instructor/team leader. She has a daughter Luna, who is a fanatic synchronised swimmer, member of the Austrian National Team.



Videography came up in my mind few years ago by an upcoming big holiday to Australia. We just wanted to document our holiday more than taking pictures and we have purchased our first miniDV Panasonic camcorder! YES, that is the one with the tiny cassette! 

 Carrying the thing all over the place we have filmed so many memorable moments and I was really happy that we decided to by it. In that time I realised that this is something I would be interested in and naturally started to venture into that wonderful world.


Soon I realised that this camcorder will not fulfil my needs and bought my first DSLR, which could shoot beautiful video with cinematic shallow dept of field. 



From then on, there was just no turning back. I took all opportunity to read, educate myself, take up on workshops, go out and shoot. 



I always loved to get to know new people, travel to places I would normally never go and create lasting memories of people by my camera, which they will enjoy watching over and over again.



When I am working I like to keep a low profile, think of my next move to be in the right time on the right place. You don´t really need a huge crew for a nice wedding film, it's absolutely possible as a single shooter. In fact, I actually find that people tent to be more natural and relaxed this way. 



So, that is me.. Since long time I keep focusing on doing a work what I actually like and enjoy. Videography is one of those "Jobs" which I really enjoy and this feeling surely translates to my films. 






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