Its nice to feel loved

"Hi Adrian,


We have shown the trailer to several people and everyone says it's a masterpiece, after watching it a dozen of times we obviously share this opinion :) One more thing we wanted to mention is.. you asked us in the past whether there was any specific music we would like to be included in the movie and we told you 'queen - show must go on', after rethinking the matter we came to the conclusion that it probably won't fit to the movie, so we just leave the music up to you as you already perfectly chose the one for the trailer. So simply forget about queen :-)


Thanks a thousand times ,Agata & Pawel "


"Dear Adrian,


Thank you for this amazing Video! :) Never ever was I expecting something of this quality! I am already wondering if we can make maybe in the autumn a second movie from my aviation department in Kurdistan.


With best regards Andi" / The 7 Group - Aviation Expert in Training and Distribution of Helicopters and Gyroplanes


"Hi Adrian,


I just saw your movie and I really like it. I like the music, it's goes well together with the movie shots. I love the fact that your work and your ideas match my imagination and the way I feel about my creations.


Thanks for making it happen.


Aleksandra" / AleksandraCreations - A Polish artist based in Dublin, Ireland


"Hello Adrian,

We just wanted to say thank you for an awesome trailer! we absolutely love it! Thank you for making our day this much special and letting us have everlesting memories!!!!


Anna & Roger"

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