How it will come along?..

Firstly, we have to get to know each other and I'll learn your story. This is such an important first step if we are to create a film that really connects and has meaning. Each of my films are meticulously hand crafted, I feel that is the only way each couples will receive not only a record of their true story, but a piece of film art.


If you make time to meet me, I can take you through everything we do in person. Packages are generally tailored to the individual.


A typical approach to each story includes a full day coverage, at least one cinematographer. Generally I would go to your wedding location day before the event as I like to do some "B"-roll footage in the area and particular the church or other places where the actually ceremony will be. I like to talk to the priest in advance and secure him that I am not the guy who will jump over him through his service but instead ask him how can I fit in without being awkward. Also, he will know best how the light, sound and all little details of the time of the day when the ceremony in on. I would plane my camera placements and figure out my audio choices.


Early on your wedding day I would go to you engaged couple and start document all little tiny details. From going to the hair dresser, make up, capturing your family and friends gathering at your place and recording some of the never heard stories from an elderly relative. Although I will be around every step of the way I will be silent and invisible to most. The ceremony is also one of the vital part of your beautiful day! I will make sure that it is not only visually captured but also acoustically shining too as we say 50% of the video is audio, and it is very true! 


When the lights are out and the dance begins I will make sure that you, your family and your friends are captured at their best moves. I will capture the celebration of the beginning of you new life as a family. Of course, I'll stay until the very last person has left the dance floor and the place goes silent while the stars will look down on you and the morning sun starts to shine. 


By the time I'll go home and got my 12 hours sleep, I will be flurried to import your media and start to work on it. The fruit of the following 1-2 week will be your Cinema highlight. The highlight of your film is generally summing your wonderful day and will be a teaser to your feature film in 3-5 minutes.. It will be beautiful! After about 2 more weeks your feature length wedding film will be finished. Now you can call your family and friends, seat back and enjoy your own little story as it is starting to unfold..


The beauty I find in cinematic editing, that regardless of how many times you watch it, you will always find something new and recognize new faces, expressions on your loved one's. 


Might just one advice. When you chose your videographer and generally all people you will work with on your day, make sure that you feel comfortable around them, trust them and believe they will give their very best to make your wedding day truly memorable. Whom ever you chose, I wish your wedding film will be just the way you like it and you will watch it with great expectations and sweaty palms after the millionth times too. 


Wish you a wonderful marriage, and never forget, Life is a Gift!



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